The draw of the group stage was held in Kisoroszi, Hungary during the Hangya Peti Memorial FIFG tournament.

The top 8 countries from the previous event was seeded before. It means for example that the UK as the winner of the 2019 Euro FootGolf and the 8th placed Sweden meet in group A, while France (2) goes to group D with Spain (7).

Group Stages

Group A: UK (1), Sweden (8)

Group B: Holland (4), Italy (5)

Group C: Slovakia (3), Hungary (6)

Group D: France (2), Spain (7)

The following 8 teams seeded by the previous event have been drawn to Group A-D from two pots:

Pot 3:

Norway, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland

Pot 4:

Switzerland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Czech Republic

After the draw here you can find the groups:

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